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By Ramnik Chhabra 12-Jul-2010 | 12:56

A lot of mutual fund communication suffers from what I call the `middle path wallpaper syndrome`.

What`s that?

Taking the safe middle road to communication messaging. Smiling, happy faces....dreams being realised...childs education....daughters marriage....better lifestyle.... better home etc etc. Not just mutual funds...banks, insurance and even share broking advisory all fall in the same rut.

Kind of a financial services advertising ghetto - all financial services brands bunched up in the same small space( see my earlier post on this one).

But MOSt Shares M50 is different. To start with; it`s a unique product.

And a unique product demands `category busting communication!

But the task was not that easy.

MOSt Shares M50 is India’s 1st Fundamentally weighted ETF based on Nifty. 

Fundamental weighing based on NIFTY is essentially a combination of active and passive investing. MOSt Shares M50 takes the NIFTY 50 stocks and reassigns their weightage in a different proportion using Motilal Oswal AMC’s pre-defined methodology.This methodology is based on the fundamental performance and valuations of each stock(rather than market capitalisation)

Challenge :A unique product; but also a complex product to communicate

Which is where the leap of looking outside the standard category wallpaper for a vivid metaphor came in. And we found that in music.

The way MOST Shares M50 works is pretty much like the way a remix song does i.e it takes a classic/blue chip stocks and mixes the proportion of the stocks based on their fundamental factors.

So in a sense MOST Shares M50 is the ‘NIFTY Remixed’.

The whole look, feel and mood of the campaign uses music as a metaphor. The usage of vivid visual imagery in the form of a DJ and pink colour scheme adds a freshness and vibrancy to the execution.

Here`s one product that`s trying to escape the financial advertising ghetto!