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Sudhir Dhar
  • Gone are the days when people had complete job security at work. It is no longer that scenario where one did not have to worry about losing one`s job                                          &nbs..

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  • We may begin by comprehending the distinction between ‘efforts’ and ‘outcome’. In layman terms effort is regarded as an attempt or endeavour towards a task or job the final result or outcome of which may be desirable or undesirable. Furthermore one can say that there are no available means to measure the ‘effort’ as a quantifiable variable compared to outcome which can be quantified or easily meas..

    Tags : Rewards
  • Emotional Quotient @ Work 21-Apr-2011 | 12:51

    Emotional Quotient or EQ is a measure of a person’s emotional intelligence. A person’s awareness of his/her own feelings and emotional triggers, those of others around him/her and the ability to respond appropriately to them, based on what the situation and social norm requires rather than what personal emotions dictate. It is about knowing when and how to express emotion in any situation, and equ..

  • Retaining Employees 25-Jan-2011 | 12:50

    One of the biggest challenges for a company is to retain its workforce, especially considering the growing competition, surviving businesses, having the best talent, the amount of time and cost involved in recruiting and training a new hire, etc. Enormous efforts are put by companies to retain the hired people, sometimes even enormous costs but they are not always successful.  There are a few..

  • As an organization we all focus on our products and business. But apart from being known for its business it is very important for every organization to be recognized as a people-oriented company. We must remember that products cease to have an existence without people to create, market and support them. Each organization should be respected for its intrinsic belief in people. Understanding employ..

  • Engage Your Employees 30-Aug-2010 | 12:49

    There are typically three types of employees in every company. The ‘Engaged employees’ who are completely committed to the role that they perform and deliver superior results. The ‘not engaged’ employees who do pretty much what they are supposed to do (nothing more or less) but are susceptible to overtures from competition. The third band, the ‘actively disengaged’, is employees who have completel..

  • HR for Non HR Managers 13-Jul-2010 | 12:49

    We all might have noticed that most Managers in any organization get to leadership role because they have proven their excellence as individual contributors in their areas of operations and specializations. But same time not many of them have had any formal or structured orientation to managing people, even some may have not attended any management program informally. As we all know still it is pe..