Wealth Creation Study Back
22nd Annual Wealth Creation Study (2012-2017)

Biggest Wealth Creator:

TCS has emerged as the biggest Wealth Creator for the period 2012-17, retaining the top spot it held in the previous four study periods (2011-16, 2010-15, 2009-14 and 2008-13)

Fastest Wealth Creator:

Ajanta Pharma has emerged as the Fastest Wealth Creator for the third time in a row, with 2012-17 stock price multiplier of 29x (96% CAGR)

Most Consistent Wealth Creator:

Asian Paints is the Most Consistent Wealth Creator for the second time in succession by –

1. Appearing among top 100 Wealth Creators in each of the last 10 studies; and

2. Recording the highest Price CAGR of 30% over the 10-year period 2007 to 2017

Power of longevity in Wealth Creation

Longevated profit growth companies are few. Understanding of Competitive Advantage Period (CAP) and Growth Advantage Period (GAP)improves the chances of finding them.

  • Moat without growth will underperform; growth without moat will end soon.

  • Longevity and speed of growth are inversely correlated.

  • Three characteristics of CAP-cum-GAP companies are –Clear strategy, High growth mindset, and High-growth industry situations.