Wealth Creation Study Back
21st Annual Wealth Creation Study (2011-2016)

Biggest Wealth Creator:
TCS  has  emerged  as  the  biggest  Wealth  Creator  for  the  period  2011-16,  retaining  the  top  spot it held even in the previous three study periods (2010-15, 2009-14 and 2008-13).

Fastest Wealth Creator:
Ajanta  Pharma  has  emerged  as  the  Fastest  Wealth  Creator  for  the  second  time  in  a  row,  with 2011-16 stock price multiplier of 53x (121% CAGR).

Most Consistent Wealth Creator:
Asian Paints is the Most Consistent Wealth Creator over 2006-16, by virtue of –  1.Appearing among top 100 Wealth Creators in each of the last 10 studies; and2.Highest 10-year Price CAGR of 30%.